Prices & Warranty

Always a fair price


We'd like to give you peace of mind when you call us. That's why we offer transparent prices and we guarantee our work. That way you can rest assured that problems are fixed and stay fixed!

Base price

When you call us and we make an appointment, our base fee is 79,50 euros excluding VAT. This includes the call-out cost, basic materials and inspection. Our most common repairs are listen in the table to the right.

Evening, nights and weekends

When you have an emergency and need our help outside of office hours, our labor cost increases.

Weekdays between 17.00 and 22.00 have a 50% increased labor price

Nights (22.00 – 08.00) and sundays have a 100% increased labor price

Standard pricing

Specialized tools

Peace of mind

Our warranty

If you have fixed clogging before with store-bought chemicals or a basic plunger, you might have been left frustrated when the problems came back. This happens a lot, due to the clogging not being fully fixed. DIY solutions often create some pathway for the water to escape, but most of the residue and root causes are not treated. 

When you hire us to fix your plumbing problems, we always make sure that 100% of the problems are treated. That is why we often start with a camera inspection of the pipes. We can find out exactly what is causing the blocking, and use the right tools to fix the problems. We are so confident in our work, that for the next 3 months after we have fixed your issues, we will come back free of charge if you experience another problem!

The fine print:

  1. If the new blockage is caused by objects or substances that should not be flushed through piping or sewage systems, the repair job will be charged.
  2. Defects or prolapses of the pipes that have not existed before are not included. 

Call us for advice and a fix

The first thing to do when you have a blockage is to tell us. We can advise you on the next steps. A phonecall is the easiest, free, first step!